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The Innovation Laboratory of PLDT

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Started in the year 2003, PLDT Innolab is set to become the foundation of focused research, new generation product development, and innovation in service and technology in the Philippines. Moreover, it provides an environment for the telecommunications industry, government and academe to engage on new technologies and solutions that will pave the way for future communications. At PLDT Innolab, visitors from around the country have the opportunity to identify current and future needs, exchange knowledge and ideas with PLDT experts, and talk about how communications and technology is changing every aspect of our lives. Futhermore, PLDT Innolab is the venue for testing and simulation of new and better ICT product and business solutions, at the same time serving as the conduit for the training and education of all the future users of PLDTa��s technology. Indeed, it will not only be a think tank of ideas, but also a strong training ground for learning. Mission To reinforce PLDTa��s efforts to anticipate technological development and trends, detect major technological breakthroughs, explore technologies and business models, expedite the development of innovative and functional services, and reduce time to market, thereby enhancing the PLDT Group business performance and competitiveness and providing the Filipinos with quality ICT solutions and services. You can choose any of the medications for acceptable price – there is also cheap Baclofen available online. Cheap baclofen online! Order Baclofen Online! Buy Medications at Special Internet Prices!Best prescription drugs Canada pharmacy. lioresal without prescription. Vision PLDT Innolab aims to transform into a world-class laboratory facility, becoming the countrya��s leading ICT research and development center, driving trends and defining the future of telecommunications.  
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