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PLDT Innolab, VR Philippines bring game-changing innovation

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PLDT along with VR Philippines brings a game-changing technology through virtual reality. Held recently at PLDT Innolab in Mandaluyong, the Manila Vive Jam invited participants ranging from university students to freelance and professional app developers to learn and collaborate on creating immersive VR applications and experiences using room-scale tracking and natural input technology that is made possible with the HTC Vive and StreamVR platform. Immersive VR applications The four teams were tasked to create an app, game, or experience within a 24-hour limit. Maximizing the time allotted in creating immersive VR applications, each team presented their creations. A group of students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) presented a horror-inspired game called, a�?The Cabin,a�? while another batch of PUP students created another game called, a�?Shark Hunt.a�? The team of freelance VR app developers created an experience called, a�?Earthquake VR Stimulator,a�? which is set in a photo gallery, aimed to respond accordingly in an earthquake situation. Winning the Peoplea��s Choice Award is the VR game called, a�?Fill and Run!a�? made by professional VR app developers. The game was inspired by the idea of having to really do something with the hands in order to mimic the natural way of doing things from the real world into the virtual one. VR JAM 12525126_1665584810390512_1415309829295513238_o High hopes PLDT Research and Innovation Technology Specialist Petronilo Arnaldo talks about his high hopes for the VR community. a�?We are at an age in which a game-changing innovation such as virtual reality can truly be the next pillar of technological advancements,a�? he said. PLDT ICT Research and Development VP Joselito Limjap emphasizes the importance of partnerships with young aspiring start-up companies and individuals who are passionate about their craft. a�?When it comes to innovation, we have to collaborate,a�? he said. a�?PLDT Innolab is our venue for collaboration. It reaches out to different enterprises and innovators with different niche markets.a�? Virtual Reality Philippines Founder Christopher David is well pleased by the eventa��s turnout, saying that it was a good mix of participants, allowing themselves to learn in each othera��s creations. When asked about VR Philippines partnership with PLDT, David is grateful for the support that the Company has continuously given. a�?We are thankful for everything that PLDT has provided us a�� from housing our event in Innolab to providing data connectivity, it has truly helped in making this event a success.a�? In this world, we have this lifetime to be the persons we hope to become. But in a virtual reality, we can be the many versions of ourselves we only used to dream about. Through VR Philippines, we now have avenues to always become something more. Indeed, we are taking steps towards a digital future a�� a leap from the imagined to the real.

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