Welcome to

PLDT Innolab

The innovation laboratory of PLDT


PLDT Innolab is set to become the foundation of focused research, new generaton product development, and innovation in service and technology.


At PLDT Innolab, visitors from around the country have the opportunity to identify current and future needs, exchange knowledge and ideas with PLDT experts.


We are the venue for testing and simulation of new and better ICT product and business solutions, at the same time serving as the conduit for training and innovation.

Welcome to PLDT Innolab

Since 2003, PLDT Innolab has had a positive and lasting impact in providing innovation in ICT services and technology in the country.

PLDT Innolab is a venue where innovative products and business solutions are tested and developed, and where PLDT's field experts provide training, ICT services, and other technical assistance to digital clientele.

Innolab sets the standard in building a world-class ICT research and development center for new generation technology and applications.

PLDT Innolab is primed for the testing and simulation of technological advances along with the periodical conduct of skills and training aimed at enhancing the PLDT Group's business performance and competitiveness.